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Hi! Everybody and welcome to Sherri’s Hemp Designs—Beautiful Handcrafted Hemp Jewelry weaved in Northeast PA. I have been designing hemp jewelry for over 13 1/2 years and take great pride in my work. I would be delighted to weave a piece for you. I have great designs for both gals and guys ranging from super thick necklaces to delicate chokers and beautifully sounding bell anklets. Custom orders are always welcome so email me if you don’t see what you want. Thank you for looking and Have a Grateful Day!!!!

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DIY Knuckle Ring! How to Make Wire Rings

This DIY knuckle ring tutorial shows how to make 3 wire rings – a bow knuckle wire ring, a clover knuckle wire ring and a heart knuckle wire ring. DIY knuckle rings are also known as mid finger rings or midi rings, since you wear them above the knuckle of your fingers / in the middle of your fingers. If you create a slightly bigger circle to these rings, you can wear these wire knuckle rings as normal rings on your fingers. In this how to make knuckle ring DIY I show how to make knuckle ring out of the wire by using round nose pliers, wire cutters and some round tool like lipstick, marker, mascara to shape the wire ring. I am using a gold gauge jewelry wire, but you can also use a silver or bronze tinted wire to make a ring. The best part about these mid finger rings is that you can be very creative and make countless unique different designs and shapes by playing with the jewelry wire. Knuckle rings are a very popular accessory right now and they are also really easy and simple to make and shape, especially if you are using a thinner wire. Wire rings look super cute, pretty, unique, neat and different putting you in the center of attention. Further, you can make your wire rings adjustable in size, which makes them even more useful! I made the heart and the clover wire rings as such.

Wire rings could also be a perfect present for your friends or loved ones, especially if you design them in a symbolic way. In this DIY tutorial, I design a clover knuckle ring and a heart knuckle ring, which symbolize luck and love or caring. Ring making process is much easier if you use a thinner wire, but if you use a bolder one, your rings will look richer. Further, using colorful wire will make your DIY ring even more fun and unique. Normally, rings and jewelry are made of silver, gold or bronze, but you can use also different colors of the rainbow (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc.) to make your own mid finger ring. You can also use beads or stones and add it to your wire ring, this will make your knuckle ring richer and bolder!

I first made a clover knuckle ring out of the gold wire. I designed the central part of the ring by making 4 heart shapes and connect them together to form a four leaf clover. One heart represents one clover leaf and four of them form our lucky clover. This is more advanced ring design tutorial, but the heart and the bow rings out of wire are much simpler and easier to build and are more suitable for beginners. For the next 2 rings, you can also use a thicker wire to make the rings bolder. To finish the clover knuckle rings, we just need to round up the two parts of wire and form a ring.

Next, I am making a heart wire ring, which is actually designed out of two hearts on each side connected with the golden wire. Finally in this tutorial DIY, I show how to make a bow mid finger ring out of the wire. This ring is so girly and is truly super easy to make. It is perfect for beginners, it’s so simple!

Essential tool to make nice rounded rings out of the wire are a round nose pliers. They make the job much easier and simpler than it would be if you would bend the wire with normal pliers. Another tip in this DIY is to press onto your rounding tool (mascara, marker, lipstick, etc.) at any point in your ring making process if the wire or the ring circle has lost its shape.

In this DIY knuckle rings out of wire I made three designs, but I have many more in my mind – so let me know if you would like to see another episode of wire rings Do It Yourself (DIY). I could also show you how to make wire rings with beads or stones – so let me know if you would like to see these kind of mid finger rings (knuckle rings)!

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DIY Wire Rings! How to Make Wire Rings Jewelry

Here is another episode of wire rings! In this DIY wire rings tutorial I show how to make a ring out of wire. I show how to create 3 ring ideas a mustache ring, an infinity ring and a love ring! These rings can be worn as knuckle rings or you can make a circle a bit larger and wear them as normal rings. To make such a DIY knuckle ring yourself at home, you only need a wire. Mid finger wire rings and DIY wire jewelry as a whole are extremely popular right now and look extremely dainty, adorable and cute!

Ring making is very simple and easy if you have the right tools. A must have for this DIY are round nose pliers, which allows to make a perfect circle or loop using a wire. For the wire you can use a gold, silver or bronze one — in this tutorial I am using a golden one. A colored wire became modern too and it looks really cool on any finger.

In this DIY rings tutorial I show how to make 3 rings. For the first wire ring, I am making a moustache one: Moustache accessories became a significant movement in pop culture. From T-shirts, jewelry (rings, charms, necklacess), cups, stickers, moustache patters and designs are everywhere. And as I like to wear mustache accessories very much myself I decided to show how to create a moustache ring at home! It definetely looks something different and unique.

For the next wire ring, we are making an infinity ring: This ring is deffinetely the easiest and simplest out of the three, but it looks so delicate and pretty. You get the infinity shape by making two simple wire loops and then you only need to make a circle to embrace your finger and your infinity wire ring is complete. It’s so simple and easy. This wire ring is perfect for beginners in wire ring making, since you only need couple of moves and the ring is complete. I do love small dainty jewelry (such as this infinity ring) as it goes with every outfit or look and you can wear it day to day.

Finally, we are making a love ring: to write the word love with a wire might look difficult at first, but it is actually super easy if you own round nose pliers. They are useful to make perfect circles and neat letters. You can also write other words with a wire and wear them as your rings – there are endless possibilities. Just as an idea – I think that LOL ring would look pretty funny and cool too! 😉

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DIY Bracelet! Bracelet Making Tutorial with String and a Heart Charm

DIY Bracelet tutorial for all bracelet making lovers! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a cute bracelet with string, beads and a heart charm. This Bracelet DIY is very easy and I show how to make the bracelet step by step. Everyone can make his own adorable handmade bracelet at home.

I like DIY bracelet projects especially during winter, since the days are short and I love spending my free time creating some cute accessories. I have several easy bracelet tutorials in mind so definitely stay tuned if you are a bracelet lover! It’s really simple to make such an adorable bracelet, it doesn’t take much time either. So think twice before you buy a bracelet, since you can make one yourself at home!

The best thing about this DIY bracelet is that the bracelets are adjustable in size, which makes it easy to put them on and of your wrist. We’ll achieve that through the sliding closure. The knot we are using in this DIY is called a square knot, since we are getting a square pattern with strings while we are knotting.

For this Bracelet DIY You’ll need:
– colorful nylon cord or a string (I am using lilac and hot pink in this DIY – You’ll need 5 pieces of knotting cord to make one bracelet: 2×15 inches, 2×20 inches, 1×10 inches),
– any kind of connector charm (in this bracelet making tutorial I went for beautiful gold hearts, but you can use any object with a hole),
– some small beads (optional for the DIY)
– Bracelet making tools which you can find at home (scissors, embroidery needle and a super glue or a lighter),

The bracelets look absolutely adorable layered with other bracelets (they are definitely stackable) and can make a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. So what are you waiting for – go get some string and a charm, follow the DIY tutorial and make yourself a cool, lovely bracelet! Check out my tube bracelet tutorial:

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4 Easy DIY Bracelets


Hey homeslices!! Good to be back. (I’m hopefully here to stay!)
Let me know if you like seeing the diy on the wooden background instead of the white.

And yes… you caught me re-uploading this video. (I made a spelling error and it was eating me alive)

*Scissors for all*

Fabric Wrap
-Elastic Hair-tie
-Thin/Silky Fabric

Hemp & Tassel
-Embroidery Floss

Bordered Zigzag

Lace Bow
-Strip of Lace
-Needle & Thread/Fabric Glue

M E A S U R E M E N T S ||

Fabric Wrap
-Fabric strip: 1.5 feet long x 2 inches wide

Hemp & Tassle
– x2 wrist size
-Tassle: 15-20 wraps with a 3 inch tail of embroidery floss to tie off

Bordered Zigzag
-Two middle strings: wrist size x2
-Outer strings: middle strings x2.5

Retro Macrame Spiral Hemp Bracelet With Adjustable Tie Off

Learn how to make an easy retro hippie macrame hemp bracelet in this knot tying video tutorial. Step by step instructions. The spiral pattern is formed by repeatedly tying half hitches around the other cord. This is known as a Chinese staircase knot.

It is the same procedure as french whipping. The end is finished off with simple overhand knots and the closure creates a sliding knot by encompassing the free ends with square knots also known as a cobra stitch, cobra braid or Solomon bar.

It is possible to also add beads as you go along or add spiral shells to go with the twisted theme and also keep the piece organic. This could also easily be made longer to form a necklace.

A really cheap DIY project that is going to cost a coupe of cents. Make if for yourself, a loved one or as a gift for a friend.

Handmade Hemp Bracelet

Tutorial: handmade bracelet, waxed cotton thread.

An awesome bracelet made by fish knotting technique.

Handmade jewelry, purple haze bracelet part 1 of 2. this is my tutorial handmade friendship bracelet.
sidonia’s handmade jewelry – little dots beaded bracelet tutorial.

I love bracelet making and today you’ll learn how to make friendship bracelet – a fishtail bracelet rope bracelet striped friendship bracelet spiral bracelet and a threaded chain friendship bracelet.

Wirewrapped bracelet handmade jewelry by mariel.

Handmade Jewelry: Beaded Heart

With this tutorial you are going to learn how to make this beautiful heart using Tubular Herringbone stitch.

MarielBeadsandBeyond channel is dedicated to make step by step video tutorials of Handmade Jewelry, Learn how to make Custom Jewelry, DIY Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings. You can learn Basic Stitches like Herringbone Stitch, Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave, St Petersburg Stitch, Brick Stitch, Ladder Stitch, Spiral Stitch, Russian Spiral, Square Stitch Etc.

All My You Tube Videos are the property of MarielBeadsandBeyond. Not to be copied or reproduced without written permission of MarielBeadsandBeyond.

List of Materials
Seed Beads 8/0
Seed Beads 11/0
Wildfire 0.15 mm
Needle size 12

DIY Rasta Beaded Hemp Bracelet Tutorial

In this weeks video I show you how to make a beaded hemp bracelet using Rasta colored wooden beads and the “square knot”. It’s super easy and in no time you’ll have your own handmade bracelet.

Your supply list includes: Thin gauge hemp twine, wooden beads (amount depends on size of your beads and wrist, I used 30 to make mine), scissors, and clear nail polish (optional)

If you want further instructions on how to tie a square knot here’s a good video

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Handmade for You Step-By-Step Tutorial for D.I.Y. Hemp Anklet/Bracelet

Here’s how to make your very own anklet/bracelet with hemp string, bead, and shell in 7 easy steps!

Outline of steps:
Step 1 – Gather all materials
Step 2 – Cut string to desired length
Step 3 – Match up the ends and tie a knot
Step 4 – Begin braiding or knotting pattern
Step 5 – Add centerpiece bead
Step 6 – Continue pattern and maintain symmetry
Step 7 – Create shell clasp

Pretzel knot explanation/demonstration:

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DIY Friendship Bracelets. 5 Easy DIY Bracelet Projects!

DIY friendship bracelets! In this easy friendship bracelets tutorial I show 5 beautiful, easy friendship bracelet designs and projects, perfect for beginners. I love bracelet making and today you’ll learn how to make friendship bracelet – a fishtail bracelet, rope bracelet, striped friendship bracelet, spiral bracelet and a threaded chain friendship bracelet. All these 5 bracelet projects are DIY bracelet with string, in the last one I pair the string or thread with a chain. A cool DIY fashion tutorial, since you can pair these bracelets with any outfit. I finish 4 bracelets with a knot and a cute flower or heart button, while I use the clasp for the chain bracelet. Let me know if you would like to learn more bracelet DIYs, maybe a rainbow loom DIYs without a loom? All bracelets are handmade, I made them myself and you can make them too at home!

The first bracelet is an easy rope friendship bracelet, made with a help of a simple bracelet loom. Not the rainbow loom, but an easy cardboard loom, which you can make yourself in a minute. But if you want me to make a rainbow loom bracelets without a loom, tell me in the comments below! Once you have a loom ready, the only thing you need for the bracelet is embroidery floss, scissors and a button for the closure. This friendship bracelet is done in no time, and you can reuse the bracelet loom many times.

For the spiral friendship bracelet you need embroidery thread, scissors and a button. The entire bracelet is built by simple forward knots which you need to repeat until the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist. So just knot, knot and knot! This friendship bracelet takes 20 minutes at most to complete and it looks so cool. I used four different colors of embroidery string to get a lovely color blocking bracelet. I love how simple this bracelet is to make, perfect if you are a beginner in bracelet making.

Next I show how to make a pretty fishtail bracelet using a string. Again I used 4 colors of embroidery thread to get a bright and colorful bracelet. This bracelet can also be made using a nylon cord or any kind of string of your choice. If you are familiar with a fishtail braid, then this bracelet will be super easy for you to make. It takes so little time to complete one, but I am in love this bracelet design.

For the simple diagonal stripes friendship bracelet you need embroidery floss, scissors and a button. This bracelet is done only by making easy forward knots all along the bracelet. It is a bit more time consuming than other bracelets in this DIY bracelets tutorial, but since it looks so beautiful in the end, I believe it is worth investing a bit time into it. For this easy bracelet you can use more or less pieces of string than me. If you use more pieces of thread, the friendship bracelet will be wider in the end.

The last bracelet is a lovely threaded chain bracelet. For this bracelet you have to wrap the string around one side of chain. I used a corally red string for my entire bracelet, but you can also change the string pieces as you move along the bracelet. This way you get a cool color blocking chain threaded friendship bracelet.

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